Three Abbey Green Environmental Policies

We strive continuously to ensure that we consider the impact of what we do on our environment and that we waste as little as possible. Currently we do the following:

Toiletries: We used to provide individual containers of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and pretty packets of soap but so much was wasted – both packaging and half-used toiletries – that we decided to adopt a different policy. We now supply our guests with Gilchrist and Soames Spa Therapy range, in dispensers in or near showers and washbasins. This enables each guest to use as much as s/he would like whilst eliminating excess packaging and waste.

Towels: towels are changed daily if required, but we do provide notices in all rooms explaining how guests can let us know they are happy to reuse their towels. All bathrooms are warmed by heated towel rails.

Showers: when Three Abbey Green was renovated, all rooms were fitted with en-suite/private showers to save water. The only exceptions are our larger family rooms, the Westwood Suite and the Asher Suite, each of which has both bath and separate shower.

Cleaning Products: we use an independent, family-owned UK company which produces environmentally responsible products that are bio-degradable and hypo-allergenic.

Light bulbs: Where possible our light bulbs are ‘saver lamps’, with up to 80% energy saving compared with traditional bulbs. We have recently begun replacing the halogen bulbs in our recessed spotlights with more energy-efficient LED-based lamps.

Heating: All radiators have individual thermostats. The central heating is on a timer so that it is on when we expect guests to be in the guest house and off at other times. We are always happy to put on the heating, if requested. The guest house’s central heating boiler has just been replaced with a new and more energy-efficient system that we believe will significantly reduce emissions and waste.

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate: all are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers.

Bread: we purchase our bread from a local Bath bakery on a daily basis.

Eggs: we buy our free range eggs from a local family business who grow their own chicken feed, pack the eggs and distribute them from their own farm at Hilperton, near Trowbridge.

Bacon and sausages: These are delivered directly from a farm in Warminster.

Apple juice: the Orchard Pig, a nationally recognised local company, produce our fresh, pressed apple juice.

Recycling: by paying a local contractor, we are able to recycle plastic, cardboard, paper, tin and glass on a daily basis.

If you have other suggestions about how we can make a difference, we would be delighted to consider any new proposal.