Abbey Green – “the most beautiful, intimate square in the country”

Abbey Green – “the most beautiful, intimate square in the country”

110711_28633 Abbey Green External-minWho said that? Architect Luke Jackson – and he should know! He came to stay with us the other day, wanting to show fellow architect and girlfriend Jade where he had spent nine years studying to get his professional qualifications.

He had first come across Abbey Green when drinking in the Crystal Palace pub – well, he was a student so I expect that over the years he came to know this beautiful, off-the-beaten-track area quite well. It is so unusual to find such a pretty, almost pedestrian-only square in the heart of the city, no more than 50 yards from the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Marks and Spencer and, of course, right outside our stunning Three Abbey Green guest house. Luke says that he still uses Abbey Green as a precedent for all his designs, so it really did make an impact.

Luke and Jade came to stay with us last month when it was relatively quiet. During January, we kept closing some or all of our rooms just to get the boring but essential maintenance and refurbishment done. You would be amazed what a military operation it is just to get all the carpets and curtains cleaned, without disturbing the guests. Thank goodness Alan has a spent most of his working life in the Army! Painting the kitchen had to fit between breakfast on one day and the next. Elinor Dashwood room in the Jane Austen wing has had some work to upgrade its bathroom but our flagship room, Lord Nelson, was closed for almost three weeks while we had a completely new bathroom fitted – and it looks absolutely fantastic.

The bathroom maybe quite small but our new design and plumbing team have made really good use of the space, done something technical to get the pipes running a different way so we could re-locate all the essential bits and now we have a contemporary look which enhances the spacious bedroom and lounge area. The sofa and chairs have been recovered and the whole look is one of classic, contemporary elegance. Over the years I have tried out most of the rooms but when I offered to roadtest this one for Nici and Alan, I was told it was fully booked for the next three weeks. Well, I’m sure our guests are in for a treat.

Doesn’t the pace of technological development drive you mad? It feels like no sooner have we replaced all the old, bulky televisions with the new ‘flatscreen’ variety and installed free wifi throughout all the buildings than someone has invented Smart TVs. Not wishing to lag behind modern technology, we have scraped up enough pennies to put these new-fangled machines in our largest rooms – Lord Nelson, the Asher Suite and Abbey View apartment. I’m sure the rest will follow if we have another successful year.

Mobility Bath 3 Mod-minOur last project for this year is to be assessed for an award for the Westwood Suite, one of our ground floor rooms which we have tried to make easily accessible for people with mobility issues. As we are one of the few accommodation providers in the heart of the city with rooms on the ground floor, we decided two years ago to replace the bathroom. The lovely people at Total Bathrooms helped us to get the design to conform to current legislation. Now we wait to see if the whole suite passes muster with the mobility assessor. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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