Allergen Contained in the following loose foods we serve:
Celery Marmite
Gluten All breads/cereals except available gluten free bread/cereals (as designated by packaging)

Vegetarian Sausages

Worcestershire Sauce


Gluten Free Pork sausages (please ask for these) and the cereal/bread described above
Crustaceans Not applicable to any foods
Eggs Eggs

Croissants/ Brioche/Gluten free brown and white bread

Hollandaise Sauce

Fish Smoked salmon/ Worcestershire Sauce
Lupin Not applicable to any foods
Milk Croissants/Brioche/ English muffin/ Gluten free white bread – M & S


Hot chocolate

Greek yoghurt/Cheese/ Butter/Cream cheese/Feta

Hollandaise Sauce

Red Pesto

Molluscs Not applicable to any foods
Mustard English mustard
Nuts Muesli


Gluten free brown and white bread

Greek yoghurt

Red pesto

Peanuts Both types of peanut butter types
Sesame Seeds Not applicable to any foods
Soya Porridge

Hot chocolate

English muffin

Vegetarian sausage

Sulphur Dioxide Museli

Vegetarian sausages

If you are unsure or need clarification we are happy to check allergen content on any foods we serve. This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge but we are aware this is a serious issue and are keen to help in any way we can. If we can source an acceptable alternative for your breakfast, please let us know.