Why we do what we do and why you think it may be a bit pricey!

Why we do what we do and why you think it may be a bit pricey!

Q: How much is an English muffin?

A: It depends where you buy it.

I was chatting to some guests over breakfast (while they ate their Eggs Florentine on a gorgeous looking muffin) and it really made me think about the ethos we have developed over the seventeen years we have been running our family business and how it defines what we do today.

The guests were giving me some very positive feedback about breakfast. If you look at our reviews on TripAdvisor, you will read how much everyone seems to enjoy the meal – and we really enjoy making and serving it. We invest heavily in our breakfasts, using all local suppliers. We could provide breakfast much more cheaply if we shopped at the supermarket but the quality of our produce is outstanding, as we buy bacon and sausages from the farm, bread from the baker and fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer. Read more about this here.

And then there is our ‘Daily Breakfast Specials’ board – always a different or unusual bread and a cooked delectation to sample. So, today, for example we had roasted Mediterranean cherry tomatoes on a bed of wilted spinach supported by gently toasted ciabatta, topped with a lightly poached egg. The special bread was Green Olive – and it was all delicious. We do try to cater for all dietary needs, as well.

Our accountant is always telling us off for spending too much money on staffing – and he may be correct but we are obsessed with cleaning. The thought of a guest finding Three Abbey Green anything other than pristine is enough to make us more than a little OCD about dust – or worse!

Our staff are immensely important to us. They share our ethos and we could not run our business without them. They love coming up with new ideas for breakfast. As well as doing all the cooking and work in the kitchen, they are responsible for the housekeeping standards. They get really excited when the guests stop to talk to them. For some of them, speaking English is a bit of a struggle but you will always be greeted with a smile.

Three Abbey Green - Finalists

Housekeeping in our beautiful Georgian building is not easy and as it’s so old (the back wall was built in 1687) there is always something that needs our attention. The responsibilities as custodians of this beautiful building in our World Heritage city of Bath are enormous and expensive, as we try to maintain all the glorious architecture while running a business reliant on modern technology.

We know how important it is for everyone to have a good night’s sleep, so we invest in decent beds and lovely crisp linen and fluffy towels. We can’t have the guests coming down to breakfast feeling weary.

All these things come at a price, which is why we are sometimes told that we may be a bit expensive BUT we hope you think you get good value for money, if you understand our ethos for ‘why we do what we do.’

A: The muffin, by the way, costs 25p from a nearby high street supermarket and 48p from our local artisan baker who supplies all our delicious bread.

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