Breakfast – the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day?

You bet, it is – at least in our family business and we are delighted that we retain our breakfast award each time we are inspected.

We thought we’d share with you where some of our ingredients come from, so you can see that travelling time is kept to a minimum and the ingredients are as fresh as they can be

Bacon and sausagesWalter Rose and Son is a family-run butcher from Devizes in Wiltshire.

Fruit and vegetables from Eades in Bath, a five generational family business.  They have thirty acres of land and supply many of the top restaurants here in Bath.

Eggs are from Paxcroft Farm, just down the road from Bath in Trowbridge, where they are still producing eggs under the best possible conditions, without health or environmental problems. I love a poached egg and I think we serve the best eggs, rivalling any restaurant or hotel in Bath.

Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without toast and jam or marmalade, would it?

Bread – Hobbs House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury is a true family business with five generations of baking experience. Their organic wild white sourdough is my favourite or perhaps it’s the Pumpernickel or was it the chocolate and pecan………….?

Simi makes all our jam and most of the marmalade, using whatever is in season, sometimes foraging from the hedgerows or buying produce grown by our greengrocer, the Eades family. She delivers the jars to us by carrying them in her rucksac as she walks from her kitchen in Great Pulteney Street, just 400 yards door to door. Not many food miles involved in this part of our breakfast!

We also serve compote daily, which we make ourselves as often as we can, by using seasonal fruit.

We can cater for most dietary needs, particularly given a little notice. No need to worry if you are vegetarian or vegan, need gluten-free options or have coeliac disease, we always have a stock of ‘free from’ foodstuffs readily available.

I almost forgot the coffee. We buy our coffee from the lovely Columbian Company coffee shop, our neighbours in Abbey Green – yet another little family-run business. JP, the owner, was born and raised in Colombia, so he buys his coffee from a country he knows well. He says, It is very important to us that our coffee is directly traded, ethically sustainable and that the relationship with the coffee farmer goes further than just a commercial transaction.’

We are now in negotiation with a local 19 years old who has started a tea company in Bath. More news when I have some.

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