It’s not that easy being green…

When green is all there is to be,
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder?
Why wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful!
And I think it’s what I want to be.

We do our best here at Three Abbey Green, to be as green as we possibly can. We are always looking to make positive changes, to be eco-friendly and reduce our impact on the environment. Here are a few of the ways we are doing our bit:

Bio-D Cleaning Products We have recently switched to using eco-friendly, biodegradeable cleaning products throughout the house. Bio-D are a British company who specialise in producing cleaning solutions and accessories from sustainable sources, with minimal environmental impact. They smell rather nice too!

Dispenser Toiletries Rather than provide miniature soaps and shower gels, which use more packaging and can go to waste if only partly used, all our bathrooms are fitted with dispenser bottles of liquid handwash and hair and body wash. We have also recently acquired some samples from a small Bath-based company – more news on this soon!

Towels Though we are happy to provide our lovely guests with as many towels as you could wish for, we only put out one bath and one hand towel per guest, in order to minimise the waste of laundering towels that might not have been used. But if you need more, just ask! We’re happy to oblige.

Boiler and Heating Our state of the art eco-friendly boiler, rated A+ for energy efficiency, was installed in 2013. We had to close for a few days as it was rather cold while the work was taking place, but we think it was worth it: we’re toasty warm now! All our radiators have individual thermostatic controls, so no heat is wasted, and in addition, we keep our water heated constantly, to avoid spikes in energy consumption that would result from having to reheat the tank.

Lights We have recessed spotlights in bathrooms and common areas all over the guest house; as the high-energy halogen bulbs reach the end of their life we are replacing them with energy-saving LED alternatives; just as bright and welcoming, but much kinder to the planet – and longer lasting.

Recycling Thanks to the Bath BID partnership with SITA trade waste and recycling, we are now able to recycle the vast majority of our household waste. You can help during your stay by rinsing out recyclable containers and placing them next to the bin in your room – we will make sure they get recycled too.

Public Transport Also thanks to the Bath BID (they do good work!), we have helped several of our staff save money on bus passes – meaning fewer cars on the road and less pollution! We also encourage our guests to travel to Bath by train or bus if possible: partly to help the environment, but just as importantly, to save you the stress of driving. Holidays are about relaxation after all!

Breakfast We source our fresh fruit and veg from a local wholesaler and all our jams are made from local, seasonal produce. We serve local apple juice instead of orange juice, though we still offer fresh oranges in the fruit bowl, and homemade marmalade. This distinction is important to us for several reasons: the oranges we source are from Europe, whereas most orange juice is made from Florida or California oranges – more ‘food miles’ means more carbon emissions. It takes 2-3 oranges to make one glass of juice, and making orange juice leaves all the pulp to go to waste; fresh fruit and marmalade use the whole fruit.

As Three Abbey Green is a Grade 2 Listed building, any larger changes we might make are limited by Heritage Protection guidelines – we have no wish to damage what gives the house its beauty and character. However, we are always working within these guidelines to balance the history of the house with the comfort of our guest, and some improvements have been made. The roof has been fully insulated; coupled with the building’s very thick walls that makes it much more economical to heat. We have also had all our windows renovated in keeping with their original design, to exclude draughts and retain as much warmth in the rooms as possible.

We’d love to know what you think of our ongoing efforts to keep Three Abbey Green, green – use the contact form to drop us a line, or have a chat when you come to stay. Let’s be green together!

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