After a good dinner…

…one can forgive anybody – even one’s own relations” – Oscar Wilde.

Mr. Wilde had the right idea, I think – and I’d wager the organisers of the Great Bath Feast would agree. If you follow us on Twitter – @3AbbeyGreen – you will know that the Great Bath Feast has been well under way since the start of October. But while the central pavilion is gone, the feast itself, with all its tasty temptations, is still going strong. Here’s a sample of what’s in store, to whet your appetite for the final week:

  • Saturday 25th October: Partake in an authentic Persian Feast at Simi’s Kitchen. Regular readers and return visitors to Three Abbey Green may recognise the name, as Simi makes all the delicious jams we serve at breakfast. As part of the Great Bath Feast, Simi invites you to an informal cookery workshop where you will prepare and enjoy a delicious array of traditional Persian foods. Two sessions are available to book, 10am-2pm for the early birds and 5pm-9pm for the night owls. Tickets cost £60.
  • Sunday 26th October: High Tea with the Thoughtful Bread Company. From midday to 5.30pm the shopfront and bakery school at the Thoughtful Bread Co. will be transformed for one final time into “a laid back tea room offering a High Tea to remember!” With a sumptuous menu covering everything from rarebits to gravlax to mini Bath Buns, along with a selection of tempting teas and coffees, it’s advised that you book in advance to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Monday 27th October: Social Cinema at Yammo! Come along from 7pm to enjoy some “light-hearted, fun Italian films” in a sociable, relaxed setting at Yammo! Sip a delicious cocktail or two, nibble on a selection of delicious stuzzichini (Italian appetizers and canapes), and see where the evening takes you. Tickets cost £15 and must be booked in advance.
  • Friday 31st October: Hot Dog Hurdles at The Cork. If trick-or-treating isn’t your thing, experience a different kind of mayhem in this hot dog eating relay race! First heat begins at 6pm, tickets cost £8 for a team of up to eight, and the victors will win a £100 bar tab to wash down all those tasty sausages. It sure beats bobbing for apples!

There are a host of other delicious events to come between now and the end of the Feast, so don’t hang about! Snap up one of our few remaining rooms and get ready to eat hearty. I’ll see you at the table!


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