Sun is shining in the sky…

There ain’t a cloud in sight,
It stopped raining,
Everybody’s here to play
And don’t you know,
It’s a beautiful new day!

Anyone who has stayed with us before will be well aware that we at Three Abbey Green take food pretty seriously. My personal motto is ‘any excuse to celebrate, and any celebration deserves a good meal!’ Now that the sun is indeed shining and has settled in to spend some quality time with us, I for one am much more inclined to linger over lunch; especially if it includes the option of sitting outside and watching the world go by. I can’t help feeling that there’s nothing quite so relaxing as watching everyone else hurrying about when you have all the time in the world. So here are a few of my favourite places to do just that.

Hall and Woodhouse is located in a sprawling and beautiful former auction house, and has an airy and elegant character from the stunning central staircase to the relaxing roof terrace. There’s something for everyone on each floor, whether you’re looking for a lazy lunch or a liquid one, and they are open all day from 8am weekdays (9am weekends) on into the night. You won’t want to leave!

If you’re after a taste of far-off lands, where the suns shines all the year round, drop in to Café Du Globe. A cosy and inviting slice of Moroccan hospitality, complete with a downstairs bazaar where you can pick up a beautiful handcrafted memento – the next best thing to going to Morocco for real! Sip some mint tea at an outdoor table and make sure you save some room for dessert because the baklava is not to be missed.

If some proper English civility is what you crave, then it doesn’t get more genteel than afternoon tea at the Pump Room. Part of the Roman Baths, this is the ideal place to indulge in a sumptuous cream tea and lose yourself in the delicate sounds of silverware on fine china and the music of the Pump Room Trio. Just picture yourself dining with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy!

One of the great things about dining out in Bath is that there’s always something new to try. Even as we take pride in our status as a World Heritage City, nothing stays the same forever. One of the biggest changes to the face of Bath in recent years is the rejuvenation of the Southgate area. While the main footprint of Southgate is as a shoppers’ paradise, it also boasts a selection of cafes and restaurants set into a great feature of Bath’s industrial heritage, the Grade 2 listed railway vaults.

Constructed in 1840, the vaults were designed by famous railway pioneer Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  and have been restored to new life after many years of disuse. Populated by a mix of local and national franchise restaurants, The Vaults offers plentiful outdoor seating around an open piazza that links the railway station to the beating heart of the city once more. Ale-drinkers and meat-lovers will adore Graze and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, while those of a more restrained appetite will surely appreciated the baked delights offered by The Bertinet Bakery.

Whatever you choose to treat yourself to, make sure you pack your sunglasses and book a room at Three Abbey Green!


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