“Whizzywig”, said Alan

“Whizzywig”, said Alan

Nici and Sue looked at him with blank faces.

“WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.”

We were talking about the fact that Three Abbey Green is the only independent B&B in the top 20 on Tripadvisor in Bath which does not use Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) e.g. Expedia, Booking.com

By booking directly with us, there are no hidden charges. The price of the room is not inflated to cover the 15% to 20% commission that has to be paid to OTAs. There are no extras, when guests book directly with us. It is the cheapest way to stay with us. The price includes:

  • Breakfast – a wonderful event, using locally-sourced ingredients and ‘Daily Specials’. If you book their accommodation through an OTA, the chances are that you will have to pay extra for breakfast.
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking permit
  • Free bottled water
  • If we are asked to put flowers or champagne in the room, we just charge the purchase price. Possibly not very business-like but service fits in with our family ethos.

Choose Three Abbey Green because WYSIWYG. Book directly with us and save yourselves £££!

Don’t spend your hard-earned money paying commission to these OTAs who do nothing to support the local economy and take your money out of the country.


The photo of Nici credit to Pixie App and Derryn Vranch

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