Work experience in Bath with a twist

Work experience in Bath with a twist

Behind the scenes in Three Abbey Green and tourism in Bath, all seen through the eyes of Dutch 16 years’ old twins.

How many sixteen year olds do you know who would sign up for a week’s work experience doing chambermaiding in a foreign county? Here in the guest house we know not one but two! Dutch twins Nikki and Zoe joined us for the last week of their school summer holidays – and it was an amazing experience, both for them and for us.

Initially, it was really scary for them, being in Bath without their parents, speaking in a foreign language, doing cleaning in the guest house. Not what your average teenager would sign up for, I suspect.

They were brilliant, participating fully in everything, speaking fantastic English.

And then we found out they could write equally well in English and take photographs, so we got them to keep a diary of their time in Bath. As well as working with us in the guest house, we sent the girls on the same tourist trail as we suggest to our guests, so we could get some feedback from the guests’ point of view.

Whether you are one of our many returning guests or someone wanting to read a bit of a ‘fly on the wall’ commentary of what Bath has to offer you, do read on…

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